this was a submission for a group project at aie sydney, 

game environment

responsible for modeling and texturing environment assets and production,

using the following programms



Earth, 15th Century,


It’s the Age of Discovery, strong European countries with powerful ships and brave seamen are exploring the Earth in the hope of discovering uncharted lands. The discovery of the ‘New World’ by Christopher Columbus triggered hundreds of ships and thousands of men to chase their dream of braving new waters and landing on new soil. Among these ships there was one with an unearthly mission: exploring the Bermuda Triangle. This ship was called the Endeavour. A great number of ships disappeared in this mysterious piece of sea and some believed their fate had sent them to a world different than earth. No ship or human ever made it back, but the Age of Discovery made men fearless, eager and set on their mission. After gathering the last food and supplies at Bermuda Island, captain Seymour was ready for the most important part of the expedition: entering the Devils Triangle. The closer he got to this mystifying part of Earth the less wind seemed to be caught by the sails. The Endeavour however continued to move forward, it started to move faster and faster, the naval navigation ceased working and they were heading towards a giant, unstoppable whirlpool. Captain Seymour ordered his crew to hold on tight while they got sucked into the vortex, but for some the power of the sea was too strong. The Endeavour was moving rapidly towards a light at the end of the vortex until it got launched into a strange world. The ship hit the ground with such force that only the bow survived the crash. Captain Seymour who had tied his body to the bow with ship rope, found himself to be the last one alive. Alone in a strange world where the jungle fused with the underwater world and was covered by the fossils of earth, he made it his mission to find a way back.