extended being

In a parallel universe similar to ours,

humanity has brought evolution into the extreme.

With evolution as an inspiration I created my own world and by redesigning the human body and physical movement the story was born.


The people of this universe are portrayed in my movie.


the strength

the body became stronger

by the growth of exterior muscles.

An exceptional power dancing above the skin,

controlling the moving body,

The delicate force

the growth

The brains kept on growing

and the body did too,

to keep it in balance.

Leaps got bigger, arms reached further

and the grip of the fingers enlarged

the polluted

the telepath

The pollution of the air caused peeling of the skin.

Wrapped in a stone cold layer

and a body trying to break free.

Underneath a pure skin is struggling to continue its existence.

Non-verbal communication arose,

amongst man and man and between man and animal.

Threads connected to the other being,

creating a fusion of thoughts

and the transfer of a feeling.