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Adobe Substance 3D

Adobe Substance 3D

Eugene Fickle

Student work: Character Assignment.

once there was a man called Eugene Fickle who lived in a tiny place called: Sourtown, Virginia USA.


Eugene Fickle worked in a Pickle Factory called Schmickle and Co. He started working there as a kid behind the conveyor belt, putting pickles into jars. Forty years later he is still doing the same thing. Eugene doesnt like change, he likes his routine and nothing out of the ordinairy, besides he could have as many pickles as he wanted and he sured loved his pickles.


In fact pickles were one of the few things Eugene liked, he never got married and lived by himself with an old opossum. Everyday of the week he worked at the factory except for sundays, on sunday he goes to church. Everyday after work he goes home to make himself a dinner made out of pickles and listens to shirley temple on the radio while rocking away in his rocking chair. Eugene had one neighbour ,called Nancy Dorothy. Nancy was a rounded  old cat lady who became a widow during the war. They had a “special” friendship, mostly on saturday evenings.


An old simple man he was, with a white beard  a wrinkley face and squinty eyes. He could hardly see but since for the past forty years every single thing in his life had been the same, he doesnt even need glasses, he knows it by heart. He always wore the same thing: his stripped factory clothes and hat.


over the years Eugene started to look a bit like a pickle himself. His boney body grew into having a hunchback and green bumps started to appear on his chin and forehead. Eugene wasnt bothered by this at all, he didnt even notice. Besides, he loved pickles very, very much. 





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